Cricket TXTM8 3G messaging phone offers fast data speeds for $100

Cricket TXTM8 3G messaging phone offers fast data speeds for $100
Cricket customers who desire messaging phones, but don't want to suffer with slow as molasses data speeds, are in for a special surprise that'll keep them productive on the go.

The Cricket TXTM8 3G A410 is an affordable messaging phone that's being dubbed as Cricket's first device “with high-speed EVDO capabilities.” Set at the no-contract price of $99.99, it features a QVGA display, 2-megapixel camera, full QWERTY keyboard, stereo Bluetooth, microSD card slot, email, and “real time web browsing.”

So if you can't stand waiting for web pages to load, the Cricket TXTM8 3G is available for purchase through their retail stores across the country and online. Luckily, buying it through their web site will result with a web-only discount that brings the cost down to $79.99 – which shouldn't be too shabby for most people.

source: Business Wire via Unwired View

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  • Display 320 x 240 pixels
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1. Boti95

Posts: 162; Member since: Sep 05, 2010

This phone is ugly! Well most TXT MSGM8 Look ugly!

2. jsck unregistered

Pretty good phone. Design is OK, but the qwerty keys look a bit too small. Cheap looking, but considering it's price its fine. @Boti95 Who cares about the design of the phone? If you want a nice design, why don't you fork up an extra 200 bucks for a blackberry with EXACTLY the same specs...BUT WAIT! It has a better design! Moral of the story: Don't be so materialistic.

3. Dashawn unregistered

bitches stop talking shit about my phone ! Huchhies!

4. emma unregistered

Phone looks affordable and nice pretty good for having GPS

5. whyweare unregistered

great phone, and the keys are not to small. does all you could ask for for the price.

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