Clearwire to remain faithful to Sprint

Clearwire to remain faithful to Sprint
Clearwire has issued a message to its stockholders, urging them to vote in favor of the acquisition by Sprint. As you know, Sprint currently holds 51% of Clearwire, but wants to acquire the remaining 49% for $2.2 billion. At first, some of the shareholders voiced their opinions against such a deal, but now that the offers has been evaluated more carefully, it looks like almost everyone is starting to believe that this is probably the best offer Clearwire is going to get.

The proposition has been evaluated not only by the Clearwire board itself but by an outside firm as well. As a result of this, all major shareholders like Comcast, Intel and Brighthouse are now ready to vote in favor of the acquisition. According to Clearwire's report, the other offers it has received can't even measure up to Sprint's. What's more, a takeover by another company would be very difficult to happen, because Sprint has the controlling stake. So, love it or hate it, it looks like Clearwire is going to remain faithful to Sprint for the foreseeable future, although there are some stockholders like Crest Financial and Aurelius Capital that are still strongly against such a development.

source: Clearwire via PhoneScoop



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This is a good move for Sprint. Clearwire is a huge holder of nationwide spectrum that can be used to supplement Sprint's coverage and leased to other carriers like Verizon who is already interested in leasing it. High frequency spectrum is great for covering densely populated areas and for achieving much higher speeds as Clear is planning 100mbps+ with LTE Advanced. Also, most of the signal propagation issues have been worked out with all of the TDD-LTE testing Clear has done with China Mobile. It's a win win for Sprint and allows them to focus on their own network.


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Otellini said it a few days ago....approve this deal to the FCC with Sprint and Softbank. Sprint Clearwire and Softbank is a deal for the consumer as well as those three companies! Softbank will help Sprint out grow growing pains while making sure customers are happy, and clear will provide both with useable spectrum.

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