Chicago PD warns restaurant owners not to deliver orders placed by cell phones

Chicago PD warns restaurant owners not to deliver orders placed by cell phones
In certain areas of Chicago, there have been a string of robberies targeting delivery drivers. The common thread? Orders that are placed by cell phone.

The Chicago police department is taking extreme measures to combat this recent outbreak of crime by issuing a business alert to business owners in Chinatown and Hyde Park to not accept any order that is called in by a cell phone.

One driver in particular, George Smith, spoke with CBS Chicago and recounted his experience being robbed at gun point earlier this month. He said he took a cell phone order and when he arrived at the destination with the order, “They said, ‘Give me everything you’ve got’"

With the decline in landlines and the prominence of cell phones, it seems that banning cellular orders would put too big of a dent in business, placing owners in a precarious position of keeping their doors open or putting their drivers at risk. One restaurant manager, Michael Bjordal, said of the alert, “We don’t know if we’re going to go to quite that extreme yet,” he says. “We’re going to use our common sense. A lot of it is just literally sizing up the area.

source: CBS Chicago via Textually



1. theo14461 unregistered

This can really hurt a lot of small businesses. It's deliver at your own risk, very hard to deter or avoid. Maybe they can work in pairs.

2. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

That sounds really bad for real consumers and sellers . Police should make an operation and arrest these guys ..... maybe pass as delivery guys to check their way to operate and take them down

3. iami67

Posts: 334; Member since: Oct 18, 2011

Seriously I havent owned a landline ever. I got my first cell at 16 Im currently 33 I order delivery all the time. I remember at the beginning All local pizza places told me I couldnt order except from a landline and I was like well then can you please come install one and pay my monthly bill so I can order. This is crazy

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