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Cheaper Apple iPhone might have U.S. built chassis and see-through design

Cheaper Apple iPhone might have U.S. built chassis and see-through design
Grab some grains of salt. Actually, you had better take some large canisters of the stuff because you will need to take this story with as much salt as you can handle.According to DigiTimes, the on-again, off-again, low priced version of the Apple iPhone is on once again. Sources from the upstream supply chain for Appleare saying that the low-cost version of the Apple iPhone will have a plastic chassis instead of the aluminum and glass that the Apple iPhone 5 is made of. The supplier of this chassis is alleged to be a US-based electronic manufacturing service provider.

Another rumor has the chassis for the low-priced Apple iPhone being made from plastic and metal while a "special design" will allow the metal parts from the inside of the phone to be seen through the see-through nature of the chassis. The sources say that the upstream components are currently being validated and the low-price variant of the Apple iPhone is expected to launch in the second half of this year.

source: DigiTimes


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