Cellphone of the future runs on Coca-Cola?

Cellphone of the future runs on Coca-Cola?
Imagine it's one day in the not so distant future and your cellphone's battery is about to conk out. Naturally, you're bummed out because you were looking forward to using it the rest of the day. What can you do besides whining? Well, because this takes place in the future, you can run over to the local gas station and purchase any drink loaded with carbs. You buy a can of Coke, pour it into your phone and your handset becomes fully charged! Designer Daizi Zhen is working on this concept for Nokia. A bio battery replaces the regular battery to eliminate pollution. The bio battery runs on carbohydrates-currently sugar-and uses enzymes as a catalyst. All that the user needs to do is to add a sugary drink. As the battery produces power, it leaves behind benign waste of water and oxygen. The bio battery runs 3 to 4 times longer than a lithium cell on a single charge and is biodegradable. Since there is only an artificial sweetener in diet Coke, you might see your phone pack on a few pounds after consuming so much cola.

source: DaiziZheng via FuelCellWorks, Engadget


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