Broken Phone Showdown – send us photos of your broken phones! - PhoneArena

Broken Phone Showdown – send us photos of your broken phones!

Broken Phone Showdown – send us photos of your broken phones!
Nearly all of us have experienced the horror of dropping a smartphone. Regardless of how careful you are, some phones are just a bit too slippery (looking at you, Asus ROG Phone 5) and may even slide off the table on their own.

Also, sometimes pockets aren't deep enough for how tall phones are getting (hi Sony Xperia 1 III). So your new phone might unexpectedly do a BASE jump out of your jeans pocket, forgetting mid-fall that smartphones don't come equipped with a parachute just yet, and shattering on concrete. Accidents happen… And they happen all the time!

Favorite one – accidentally dropping your phone on your face while in bed can also lead to a cracked display, in addition to cracked teeth. Most of us have stories like this. How did you break a phone – we'd like to know, and we'd like to see it!

Send us a photo of your broken smartphone and tell us how it happened

Whether your phone ended up with a cracked screen, scratched-up back or just plain split in half like a fortune cookie – share a photo of it with us and our readers! And along with that photo, tell us how it ended up broken – did you drop it, on what surface and whether it still works.

The PhoneArena team will also include our own photos and stories, so it's going to be a great big compilation you shouldn't miss! iPhones, Samsung phones, flagships and budget ones – we expect to have it all for you to see. It will also be a good display of how well (or how badly) these phones hold up to accidental drops and scratches, so you'll know what to expect if it ever happens to you.

We'll publish your photos and stories next week on Thursday, so stay tuned!

Where to send

Due to low engagement with this idea we've decided to put it on hold for now.

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