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Possible BlackBerry KEY2 Lite (BBG100-1) hinted at in Geekbench listing

Possible BlackBerry KEY2 Lite (BBG100-1) hinted at in Geekbench listing
TCL Communication appears to be preparing yet another BlackBerry-branded smartphone. The brand recently confirmed that it will be introducing the new BlackBerry KEY2 at an event set to take place June 7. Now, according to a new Geekbench listing, this may be accompanied by a slightly more budget offering.

The device in question goes by the model number BBG100-1 and scores a single-core result of 698 and a multi-core score of 3656. These results were achieved thanks to the processor inside, which is an octa-core Snapdragon 450, and the RAM count, which sits at 4GB. As an additional extra, TCL Communication appears to have pre-installed Android 8.1 Oreo on the smartphone, suggesting the smartphone will ship with the latest release of the popular OS upon launch.

It’s unclear what this device will be known as upon launch, but it mysteriously boasts a model number that is very similar to that of the upcoming BlackBerry KEY2 (BBF100-1). This could simply be a coincidence or it may suggest that the device in question is actually a cheaper variant of the smartphone. BlackBerry was clearly happy with the sales of the original BlackBerry KEYOne - they justified a second-generation model - but the brand may be looking to expand sales even further by targeting consumers on a budget with a BlackBerry KEY2 Lite.

With just under a month left until the unveiling of BlackBerry’s next device, it’ll remain to be seen if the BBG100-1 makes an appearance as well. For now, however, new information will surely surface over time, therefore clarifying which device this is.

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