BlackBerry senior director says "the future is really Android"

BlackBerry senior director says

Even before the Android powered BlackBerry Priv was launched, many wondered what the future would be of BlackBerry's own platform, BlackBerry 10. Earlier this month, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that BlackBerry 10.3 would be receiving security and privacy enhancements in 2016. But comments made over the last few months made it obvious that there will be no new BB10 hardware introduced this year. In fact, Chen said that another Android powered phone will be released in 2016. That will probably be the device that has been codenamed "Vienna."

The future of BlackBerry 10 doesn't seem to be a long lived one. While the Priv was getting launched in India last week, BlackBerry's senior director of Asia Pacific product management made some interesting comments. Damian Tay said that as the company makes Android secure, it wouldn't make sense to offer two such platforms. As a result, he says that in the future, BlackBerry "may have only Android as a platform."

According to Chen, the updates that BlackBerry 10 will receive this year will make the OS more secure for business and government use. The upcoming 10.3.3 update will allow BB10 to be NIAP certified. This means that the platform "will have passed the strictest government-grade security tests." Later this year, the platform will be updated to version 10.3.4 with even more security updates.
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source: EconomicTimes via ValueWalk



1. Lycan155

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Android is love android is life

16. Arch_Fiend

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Ios is love ios is life.

18. legiloca

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28. Arch_Fiend

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Yes epic fail mate lol but I expected as much.

22. sgodsell

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So your iOS idea of love is being confined, restricted, and controlled. For the last few years Apple has been following and not leading.

29. Arch_Fiend

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I don't mind.

35. mixedfish

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A certain English poet once wrote: "Love is merely a madness.."

36. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Really? You're either pretty dense or very misinformed. I'm going to assume both.

40. BobbyDigital

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Here's Pretzyld!ck. Trolling again and attacking others. Predictable as always.

51. Mxyzptlk unregistered

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61. BobbyDigital

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No one fantasizes about you Pretzyld!ck. That's wishful dreaming on your part. And here you are again. Using other people's words and such. Nothing original about you. Except you being the original troll on PA.

66. Mxyzptlk unregistered

No one cares about your fantasies of Pretzeld!cks.

73. BobbyDigital

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That was a horrible come back. Just... Disgustingly bad. You're done here Michelle. No coming back for you.

42. meanestgenius

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And here you are Michelle, attacking someone for having an opinion because he said something you don't like about iOS. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

50. Mxyzptlk unregistered

You mean like you do, Princess? Your ignorance knows no boundaries.

55. meanestgenius

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No, I mean like you do, you hypocritical hermaphrodite.

58. Mxyzptlk unregistered

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63. meanestgenius

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67. Mxyzptlk unregistered

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70. meanestgenius

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74. Mxyzptlk unregistered

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77. meanestgenius

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48. My1cent

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Why copy bruh?

38. jellmoo

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Whether Android or iOS, it's not love nor is it life. It's a tool. Use it. Enjoy it. Don't pretend it's anything more than that.

47. My1cent

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Feels more like being used - wake up now or I'll scream louder - charge now or I'll died (battery) LoL

2. JOHNNY8573

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20. Johnnokia

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how much? status?

3. Martineverest

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7. Finalflash

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Windows is likely dead future wise. With all the app focus on mobile, more and more powerful productivity software will be made for iOS and Android. First it will be more basic and weak and then it will start scaling as hardware gets better. Sadly, that same software will not get weaker to accommodate windows phone. Since Android works on both Intel and arm hardware it will likely become the main enterprise solution. Apple will try to use their own arm chips in their high end soon and if they can compete with Intel they might be used in enterprise but MS still and will always now have an uphill battle.

10. noler

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Enterprise with Android or iOS. ROFAL.. you make my day.

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