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BlackBerry Windermere hybrid trackpad/keyboard gestures revealed, photo available


We first heard about BlackBerry'supcoming high-end smartphones last December. They are the handsetscodenamed "Ontario" and "Windermere". Now, a newleak has shed more light on the latter handset. One of the biggestcuriosities to come out of Waterloo, the "Windermere" has a4.5-inch screen with a high pixel density (452ppi) that suggests ahigh display resolution - perhaps 1440x1440, which matches thediagonal and density. It also has a "touch-sensitive"QWERTY keyboard with keys that integrate physical feedback (whenpressed) and touch-control (when touched, but not pressed). At leastthat's how we interpreted the innovative keyboard's patentdescription in aprevious article from February.

Now, a BlackBerry user has discoveredthat said keyboard will support some familiar touch-screen gestures.There is swiping in four directions, along with touching, moving,tapping, and clicking gestures that let the user arrange items andcontent inside BB10. The Windermere keyboard is essentially describedas a trackpad, which matches these newly discovered gestures. We alsohave a photo to go along with the news, and its subject looks exactlylike one would imagine a BlackBerry trackpad will look. But where arethe physical keys, then?

Apart from the odd trackpad/keyboardmash-up, the leaker said that the Windermere will show five columnsof four icons on its 4.5-inch screen, while the Ontario will have a5-inch display with 440ppi pixel density (possibly 1080p resolution)that shows four columns of five icons. Obviously, the Windermere willbe a wider device, while the Ontario seems to be in line with theportrait-oriented 5-inchers we know.

source: CrackBerryvia BerryReview

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