BlackBerry Monza 9860 poses for the camera

BlackBerry Monza 9860 poses for the camera
The still unannounced BlackBerry Monza 9860 has posed for a set pictures again and it’s the clearest ones yet as the device formerly known as the Monaco appears to be inching closer to its release.

The full touch screen device from RIM is said to be packing a 1.2GHz processor under the hood. It looks to be a successor to the two BlackBerry Storm devices that occupied space in Verizon’s lineup for a while, but this capacitive display will not have the clicking screen technology known as SurePress.

If you look closely at the images you will see that it says AT&T on the top of the display. This phone is also said to be heading to T-Mobile sometime very soon. One of the pictures shows the Monza next to an Apple iPhone 4. They appear to be very similar in size although the Monza looks to have a larger screen.

Hopefully we know more about this device soon as RIM continues to play catch-up with the rest of the smartphone field of competitors. Check out all the photos and tell us what you think in the comments below.

source: Engadget Mobile



1. Thump3rDX17

Posts: 2160; Member since: May 10, 2010

i'm sorry Blackberry fans but this is just ugly. RIM needs to start using Capacitive buttons.

7. ztedac

Posts: 69; Member since: May 17, 2010

if they do... then apple will not be happy because it would be too similar and apple will fire suing papers =(

9. iwebdroidberry7

Posts: 230; Member since: Jan 17, 2011

Waa?? This makes no sense at all. Apple doesn't use capacitive buttons.

13. BobbyTaba

Posts: 316; Member since: Aug 11, 2010

It looks ugly and my contract is up and i need a dual core phone with lte and this phone is s**t compared to iphone 5 and sgs2

17. heybobby unregistered

Just an FYI but the next version of the iPhone will not be LTE.

2. wtfNOchance unregistered

it's gonna be killed by the like of gs2, iphone 5, bionic, evo 3d etc... there are just too many BETTER phones put there.

11. megamrambo

Posts: 37; Member since: Jul 19, 2010

Dude you just meed to register!

6. cornerofthemoon

Posts: 620; Member since: Apr 20, 2010

I like it but it's only like ten thousand years too late.

8. stevedfive unregistered

Might buy it if it had a front camera for video calling. But it doesn't.

10. robert1990

Posts: 5; Member since: Mar 20, 2011

i personaly like it

12. boostedIS_300

Posts: 16; Member since: Mar 22, 2011

i love how they think they are so clever by finding the little at&t logo at the top of the screen above the time when if you look at the big at&t logo in the middle of the screen lmao you wont have to strain so hard lol!!

19. jabrecer

Posts: 26; Member since: Jul 26, 2011

That's was exactly was I was about to post!!!!

14. Whateverman

Posts: 3295; Member since: May 17, 2009

Can someone explain to me why a touchscreen phone needs a trackpad? That's like putting a urinal in the ladies bathroom, how much will it get used?

15. Thump3rDX17

Posts: 2160; Member since: May 10, 2010

probably because RIM still can't imagine an OS completely controlled by a touch screen.

16. PhoneLuver

Posts: 481; Member since: Jul 05, 2010

I've used the phone and it feels like a quality device. It has a great capacitive touch screen and is very responsive. The trackpad comment makes sense, but it's most probably just there to give their phones a uniform look and feel and also to help people "make the jump" from other BlackBerry handsets. It would definitely be my personal choice of the new Blackberry handsets.

20. czma unregistered

Because navigating to a typo with a trackball or trackpad is a whole lot easier than touching the typo exactly on a small touchscreen

18. Tyler2233 unregistered

It looks kind of old because the hardware was designed over a year ago, because it takes RIM that long to push anything out. I like it, but an earlier comment was very correct - the iphone 5, evo 3d, galaxy II, etc. are so much better and many are AVAILABLE NOW. If only they could've push this and the others out by June. Even the iphone 5 would look old and few would buy it if Apple delayed it until 2015...

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