BlackBerry Bold coming first with AT&T

BlackBerry Bold coming first with AT&T
An Associated Press article, containing information about RIM shares and expected sales, reveals interesting information about the BlackBerry Bold carrier availability. It states that AT&T will be the exclusive carrier of the Bold in the U.S., being the only network that supports the 3G frequencies of the first (GSM) variant.

Unlike the iPhone though, exclusivity here does not mean “the one and only carrier”, but only that it will be the first to offer it. Unofficial information points out that the Bold will be available in both T-Mobile’s 3G-friendly and CDMA/EVDO flavors, so the rest of the carriers will also be able to launch it.

Currently, there is no information about its exact availability date, but the official press release stated it should be on the market in the summer.

source: MoneyCentral



1. El Pollo Diablo unregistered

"It's niiiiiceeee" :D Good looking phone. This was pretty much expected announce.

2. unregistered

ok, so its slightly redesigned. What seperates it from the curve, 8830, or pearl in features?

6. jtb1999 unregistered

The GPS, WIFI and CAMERA all in one separate it from the other blackerrys that all lack one or the other on either the phone or network.

3. unregistered

i think its UI is different from the curve and the like, this phone looks really really nice though, i may consider getting it

4. unregistered

BB means BB services....unless u got extra $ or someone is paying for it...not worth it

5. J Remmy unregistered

F at&t, it should be a verizon phone. oh well at least when verizon gets it, it wont be all bugged out

7. unregistered

don't be mad vzw user att will get the bold first but we will probably get the blackberry touchphone

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