Bikers in California can soon face a ban on using a cell phone while biking

Bikers in California can soon face a ban on using a cell phone while biking
The consensus around using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle is pretty unanimous across the country as there are plenty of local state laws that ban it. Although there are some loopholes around it, one state in particular is looking outside the normal perception of “distracted driving” among drivers which can lead to something fatal. Much like other states, California enacted a law more than one year ago to ban texting while operating a motor vehicle, but it looks like one lawmaker wants to go beyond just that and impose it on cyclists. State Senator Joe Simitian is taking the helm in drafting a new law which would make it illegal to use a cell phone while riding a bicycle. It's becoming apparent that this is causing a commotion among both sides as some find it excessive while others deem it as fitting. Cyclist Jesse Daniel finds it a bit overboard and said, “If you're going to ban it while biking, you might as well ban it while walking.” If this is passed, it could lead to additional states to adopt a similar law to combat the ever growing problem of cell phone distractions that can lead to fatal accidents.

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