Best Buy is properly lowering the prices of its Microsoft KIN phones

Best Buy is properly lowering the prices of its Microsoft KIN phones
We may never truly know the exact reasoning behind this brilliant move, but Best Buy has lowered the prices of the Microsoft KIN ONE and TWO. Although some may argue that these new prices offered by the big box retailer should've been implemented from day one, both social networking oriented devices are getting $50 shaved from their current pricing – making the KIN ONE tally in at free while KIN TWO at a reasonable $50 with a contract. However, it still may sting people out there knowing that a $30 per month data plan is required on these non-smartphone devices which are still missing some key features such as an instant messaging client and calendar app. Nonetheless, we're sure that some out there will find the new price points extremely attractive and a bit more justifiable.

KIN ONE Specifications | Review
KIN TWO Specifications | Review

source: Best Buy (KIN ONE & TWO) via Engadget


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