Basslet: take a look at the world's first wearable “subwoofer”

It's all about that bass these days, and you will soon be able to take that bass and wear it... on your wrist. Enter the Basslet – described by its creators as the “world's first watch-size subwoofer for your body”.

The Basslet's main goal is to make you feel the bass with your body, rather than just hear it. It is powered by what its creator Lofelt refers to as the LoSound engine (patent pending, of course), which is basically a weight moving back and forth to create vibrations. These vibrations span across the full bass spectrum of frequencies between 10 and 250 Hz, thus “creating the illusion of standing next to a subwoofer”. The LoSound engine is based on a voice coil design with “highly optimized magnetic flows” which allows the end product to be “extremely powerful, yet remarkably compact,” Lofelt claims.

The gadget consists of two components – the device itself and a strap. It's a simple square-shaped metal piece with a solid color and two buttons on its side, used to adjust the intensity of the bass. The strap is thankfully interchangeable and you can use any 24mm watch strap. The Basslet can be connected to any device with a 3.5mm audio port – thanks to a “sender” dongle – with no additional software needed, and should last you around 6 hours of continuous playback at max volume.

It's an interesting thing, this – it looks like a watch, it probably feels like a watch too, but it sure isn't one. And that's its major drawback. Why? Well, if you usually wear a watch and you want to use the Basslet, you'll have to either choose between one of them or look plain weird wearing both.

That being said, the Basslet project was funded through Kickstarter, surpassing its initial goal of $56,560 with over $83,000 pledged and 32 days to go at the time of writing. You can snag one now if you pledge $146 or more (only 414 units left in this tier) or $157 in the next month. The Basslet is set for a December 2016 launch. Is your body ready?

source: Kickstarter via SlashGear

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