Basemark X benchmark now listing the Nexus 5 as the 2nd-best gaming phone


As we noted earlier today, it's been a Nexus 5 day so far, and this latest leaked benchmark for the Nexus 5 really serves to complete that notion.

Courtesy of Basemark X, the new results actually show that the Nexus 5 possesses quite the graphical prowess, which is actually exactly what Basermark X attempts to evaluate. The Nexus 5 appears to have performed well enough to win itself a spot second only to Apple's iPhone 5s, which actually isn't all that surprising seeing as the PowerVR G6430 GPU on the 5s has shown itself to be quite the performance monstrosity. Anyway, as you can see, the Nexus 5 managed just over 14 frames per second during the test, which is actually pretty high, considering the level of intensity it mercilessly forces your devices to go through.

Despite the numerous Nexus 5-related leaks, actual benchmarks have been pretty scarce, to say the least. We've only had a GFXBench pass once before, and that was actually off-screen anyway, for which we're grateful, but we were really looking for on-screen performance for a while now. Now that this has been taken care of, we're back to waiting to get our hands on the new Google beast.

source: Rightware

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