Apple will sell replacement Lighting port to 3.5mm jack adapters for $9 apiece

By now, you must have gotten the news that the brand new iPhones don't feature 3.5mm jacks – unlike, you know, almost every smartphone ever. Still, Apple has been kind enough to ease its customers into the radical change by including both Lighting-connected EarPod earphones, as well as a 3.5mm to Lighting port adapter so you can plug in a favorite pair or listen to tunes in the car.

A small accessory by nature, it will be understandable if you eventually lose the adapter, or it simply stops functioning – after all, it's mostly cable, and cables are known for breaking and twisting.

Thankfully, Apple will be selling replacement adapters at the very reasonable price of $9 apiece. The item is already listed on Apple's website, although its specified as currently unavailable. So, there you have it – it's good to know that this accessory that many users might find rather essential won't cost an arm and a leg.

source: Apple


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