Apple's 'limited time' iPhone XR/XS trade-in offer was just extended

Apple's 'limited time' iPhone XR/XS trade-in offer was just extended
Apple iPhone XR

Shortly after the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals finished in late November, Apple implemented a ‘limited time’ trade-in offer designed to push sales of its newer devices by increasing the value of older models by up to $100.

In the US, Apple never clarified how long the promotion would end. As the offer spread to various markets, though, the fine print in certain regions revealed that it would end on January 31. But as spotted by Arigato-iPod, the ‘limited time’ promotion has now been extended by a full month to February 28 in Japan.

Outside of Japan, the terms of the offer are yet to be updated. Nevertheless, it should only be a matter of time before the new end date is reflected on Apple’s online store in different regions. Naturally, the extension is also expected to apply to the US market which, if the case, will see the promotion run into its third month. 

Since day one, Apple has primarily targeted the iPhone XR through the promotion but it’s also valid for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max purchases. And, if the extension is anything to go by, the offer is at least working to some degree.

Unlike previous generations, Apple’s 2018 iPhone series has performed relatively poorly in terms of units sold. The company blamed this primarily on a weakened economy in China but a number of people believe its higher pricing has played a major role.

The company’s trade-in promotion does suggest that Apple agrees, at least partially, with the latter. However, it’ll remain to be seen if a pricing adjustment will happen upon the arrival of the 2019 iPhone series.

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