Apple rumored to experiment with OLED displays starting with its 2016 iPhones and/or iPads

Apple rumored to experiment with OLED displays starting with its 2016 iPhones and/or iPads
Although they're relatively new compared to LCD screens, OLED panels have gained a lot of traction lately. Just yesterday, we brought to your attention that a report from China claims that Huawei will soon start using OLED panels in its smartphones, perhaps starting with the rumored Huawei Nexus phablet. As it turns out, a new rumor emerging today from an IHS - a market research firm - official claims that more companies are looking to adopt OLED displays in their upcoming devices.

According to Kevin Wang, Technology Research Director over at IHS, Apple is considering the adoption of OLED panels in some of its 2016 devices. Unfortunately, Wang did not specify for which product category Apple is considering making the switch to OLED, although there's a very good chance that he's referring to smartphones (iPhones) or tablets (iPads). Now, since this would be such a major shift for Apple, make sure to digest this information with a hefty dose of the proverbial salt.

Interestingly, the Cupertino-based tech giant will allegedly not use Samsung AMOLED panels in its upcoming devices. Although Wang does not mention which other OLED supplier Apple is planning to turn to, we have a couple of ideas, but bear in mind that we can't verify our assumptions for the time being.

One display maker that comes to mind is Samsung's cross-town rival. LG Display already makes display panels for the iPhone 6, and its relationship with Apple is a tried and tested one. Furthermore, it should also be mentioned that the Apple Watch was the first Apple device to integrate OLED technology, a flexible P-OLED display from LG to be more specific. LG probably has the large yields that Apple requires.

On the other hand, a report dating back this April said Apple is said to equip next-gen iPads with OLED panels from JOLED, a lesser-known display maker that is allegedly ramping up 9.7-inch OLED panel production. An even older report suggested that Foxconn is pouring $2.6 billion in a brand new display factory that will allegedly make OLED panels for Apple by the end of 2015.

Wang also confirms previous rumors according to which Huawei is getting ready to integrate OLED panels in its upcoming smartphones. Furthermore, the IHS official also claims that Xiaomi will soon start selling devices - smartphone, we think - with OLED screens. 

source: Kevin Wang via GforGames
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