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Apple releases upbeat economic data for the European iOS job market

Apple releases upbeat economic data for the European iOS job market
According to economic data released by Apple in September 2020, 2.1 million US-based workers are employed in the software development sector that has links to iOS applications. Now Apple has released similar data for the European job market. The total number of App Store-linked people in Europe is nearing 1.7 million, which is 7% more than in 2019.

Citing Apple (via 9to5Mac), the number of jobs related to the App Store is close to 330 000 in the United Kingdom, which constitutes about 10% more than a year ago. The total income of all these UK iOS developers is 22% higher compared to 2020. As for France and Germany, there are about 250 000 iOS developers for each country.
Experts criticized the recent numbers stated by Apple because they are based on a wider range of jobs. Instead of counting only software developers, Apple is summing up all the employees of businesses which tend to earn revenue through the development of iOS applications. This means that the research is not entirely objective as marketing employees, system administrators, and other jobs are included in it.

Apple has recently faced global investigations concerning the fair competition its App Store provides. Many believe that the monopoly Apple has instilled by making iOS apps sold only through Apple's platform is unfair to the developers of such apps. That’s probably the reasoning behind the released economic data -- to tackle the negative outlook of the company in the matter.

Apple is accused of not opening up the market for iOS applications. Right now these are being offered and sold only through Apple’s own App Store. Apple is trying to show that the App Store is giving enough revenue to developers. They are also trying to argue that the App Store policies are not limiting the competition in the sector. The launch of Apple’s App Store Small Business Program in November may prove to be helpful in Apple’s quest to look fair to the industry. In this program, the developers earning less than one million dollars per year can benefit from a lesser App Store fee. Those who qualify for the scheme are paying a 15% fee compared to the 30% one which is the standard.
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