New report seconds original rumor: Apple to unveil phone-to-phone AR game mode at WWDC

At WWDC 2018, which begins next Monday June 4th, Apple will reportedly introduce a new system that will allow two iPhone handsets to share AR. A report from Bloomberg that we passed along to you yesterday, revealed Apple's intentions to introduce a mode that will allow for player vs. player AR games on two different iPhone units. Today's report from Reuters is a little more specific as to what we should expect from Apple next week.

One thing that Apple thought of was the privacy of its customers. Rather than allow users of different platforms (iOS and Android for example) to partake in head-to-head AR action, Apple will keep its system locked to the iPhone, at least for now, to prevent users from having their personal data at risk.

Last month, at Google I/O, the Alphabet subsidiary introduced tools called Cloud Anchors that allows Android and iOS users to create multiplayer AR games. The person initiating the game scans his environment, which is sent to Google's servers to become the background for the game. Other players scan information of their own, allowing all players to see the same virtual background. This data stays in Google's servers for seven days. Apple plans on doing something similar, but without having to store data in its servers. The tweet at the top of the story shows an example of Google's Cloud Anchors.

There are many details of Apple's AR game that are unknown, including whether it will support more than two players at a time. All of the details will be revealed next week. Stay tuned.



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