Apple iPhone with LTE radio allegedly being tested out by carriers

Apple iPhone with LTE radio allegedly being tested out by carriers
An internal iOS test build from an Apple carrier partner reveals that an iPhone with 4G LTE radio is being tested on the network. A property list file, found in the firmware, starts with the phrase "Connected mode LTE Intra-frequency measurement", and takes it from there to physical cell IDs, download and upload frequencies and bandwidth, antennas and so on, the whole nine yards.

Now it shouldn't come as a surprise that Apple has LTE in its plans, considering that this is slowly becoming the prevalent 4G standard of choice for major carriers, but hoping is one thing, and seeing it in black and white is more comforting endeavor. While this looks like a very early testing phase, and most probably won't make it in the September/October iPhone edition, we will most likely see LTE connectivity in an iPhone next year, when carriers like AT&T have moved along with their 4G Long Term Evolution networks.

source: BGR


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