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Apple iPhone 6 spotted in an Italian carrier shop, could be priced higher than usual

Brace yourselves, iPhone 6 dummy phones have started popping up in carrier retail shops, at least on the Old Continent, and they show, well, what looks like an iPhone 6 in the front, with the rumored power/lock key taken on the right side this time, as the screen has grown notably larger. Also, the handset looks pretty thin, so those rumors for a 7mm or below chassis thickness might hold water after all. Granted, this is most likely a dummy still, but given that it has popped up in an official carrier shop of Italy's TIM Mobile, there is a greater chance that what Apple will announce on September 9th could end up looking exactly like this. We only wish that the back of the device has been snapped, too.

Meanwhile, reports from Europe are coming that Apple is trying to negotiate higher prices for its 4.7" iPhone 6, compared to, say, what the 4" iPhone 5s commanded there at launch. Apple is allegedly offering the phone to Spain's Telefonica for EUR 750, instead of the typical EUR 650-700 without subsidies. Given that Telefonica was one of the carriers that balked at paying iPhone subsidies not long ago, and is selling Apple's finest full price, the rumored markup might be a negotiation starter, rather than a trend for all carriers. The 5.5" iPhone phablet has been tipped to cost the whopping EUR 950, too, at least that's what Apple is offering it for to Telefonica, mentioned the insiders, as it considers it a "premium" device. Not much left until the grand announcement and the release date anyway, when we should know more about the iPhone 6's final pricing.

source: Tech Zoom & Movilzona via G4Games
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