Apple Support app starts rolling out to the App Store

Not everyone knows how to use the Apple iPhone in their hand. That is why Apple has launched the new Apple Support app that is now rolling out to the App Store. The app provides tips to iPhone users, including information about different iPhone models, and will even help get you an appointment at the Apple Store for an iPhone repair. Heck, it will even schedule an appointment with an authorized third party repair shop.

With the Support app, you can chat, email or speak with an Apple Support technician. The app will know all of the Apple products you have registered, so if you know your phone only as an iPhone, the app will tell you whether it is an Apple iPhone 6 or an Apple iPhone 6s. The app's home screen will list your Apple produced devices, along with links to certain articles that explain how certain features work on your Apple product.

So far, the Support app is not yet available in the U.S. App Store. It is available in the Netherlands, and clicking on the sourcelink will take you to the app's preview page. While we don't know when this will be offered in the states, the app will surely come in handy after the holidays when a number of rookie iPhone owners will need help in learning how to use their new handset.

source: AppleSupport via TechCrunch


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