Apple: 54% of active devices now run iOS 10

Apple has officially announced through its dev support website that the iOS 10 adoption rate has reached 54% of active devices.

This number is based on the total number of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices which visited the Apple App Store on October 7. 38% of devices run iOS 8 while the remaining 8% of active devices run iOS 7 or earlier. 

Although 54% is a very good adoption rate, it turns out that Apple’s latest mobile operating system isn’t winning user hearts as fast as its predecessor. In just four days following the launch of iOS 9 back last year, more than half of iOS devices had it up and running. 

Continuing the tradition of incremental updates, iOS 10 brings several improvements to the table, although critics argue that none are big enough. In some ways, the most important update introduced with iOS 10 has opened up Siri and Messages to third-party services. Aside this, Apple also updated a range of default apps such as Apple Music, News, Maps, Messages, Siri, and Photos. For a much closer look at what Apple’s latest mobile OS brings to the table, make sure to head on over to our full iOS 10 review

Interestingly, Apple Insider notes that this percentage is considerably lower than what third-party market research firms had estimated. Both Mixpanel and AppLovin claimed that that iOS 10 adoption had reached 55% at the end of September. A few days ago, Mixpanel estimated that the iOS 10 adoption rate stands somewhere around 67.5% percent. Obviously enough, these numbers were way off. 

We’re highlighting this discrepancy between official and estimated numbers so as to highlight the fact that we should always draw a line between what’s official and what is rumored or estimated by third parties. 

If you’ve been holding back on updating your device to iOS 10, why not drop us a line in the comment section below and let us know what have been your reasons for sticking with iOS 9?

source: Apple via Apple Insider


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