App developer says Google Glass makes him a better driver

App developer says Google Glass makes him a better driver
The U.K.'s Department for Transport is expected to make driving while wearing Google Glass against the law. Similar to the fine imposed on drivers using a cellphone while operating a car, those wearing the connected specs while behind the wheel could get socked with a fine as high as £90 ($138 USD). Despite this, one Glass developer says that wearing the device has made him a better driver.

Sahas Katta, creator of the GlassTesla app for the Tesla Model S EV, says that by wearing Google Glass while driving, he no longer is distracted by reaching for his cellphone. And when it comes to navigation, Katta says that nothing beats the AR specs. "With navigation, it’s the best technology I’ve used to date – there’s no in-car, mounted or smartphone navigation system that can beat the experience of having Glass so far," says the developer. He notes that with navigation, Glass will remind you to make a turn that's a mile away and then shuts down before reminding you again a tenth of a mile from the turn. Distractions are minimal.

Katta also repeated a rumor he heard that the device has an eye-tracking sensor that has yet to be used. His theory is that in the future, Google Glass will determine if you've fallen asleep while behind the wheel and wake you up. And Google Glass could also monitor how long you stare at its screen and turn off the device to force your attention back on the road if it determines you're staring at the Glass screen for too long.

A couple of states in the U.S. are considering banning Google Glass for drivers although there are no plans right this second for any action to be taken by the federal government. Certainly the U.S. Department of Transportation has been monitoring the situation. With more widespread distribution of the device expected before the end of the year, any bans or other restrictions probably won't be put into place until next year when Google Glass use becomes more widespread.

source: Stuff.TV via TechRadar
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