Analyst anticipates the iPad to reign on top while the competition will "fall flat"

Analyst anticipates the iPad to reign on top while the competition will "fall flat"
Already over the 6 month mark and running a platform that's essentially been around for the better part of the last 4 years, the Apple iPad seems to be the culmination of all of Apple's innovation in the mobile space. It's especially quite notable right now in the market where it reigns supreme since it hasn't been tested by any true competitor to date.

With that in mind, analyst Chris Whitmore with Deutsche Bank believes that the large wave of competition expected to arrive on the market won't be able to nudge the iPad since it's believed to continue its wide lead in this increasingly competitive space. Whitmore said, “We believe Apple's lead in the tablet market will prove difficult to close by the onslaught of competing products coming over the next several quarters. Ultimately, we expect the slew of upcoming competition to fall flat from a user experience standpoint while stuggl[ing] to materially undercut the iPad on price.”

Those are surely strong words, but we'd imagine that competing manufacturers will be keeping a close eye this holiday season to see how the tablet landscape will change. When you dig deeper into it, the latest crop of tablets, whether it be Samsung's Galaxy Tab or RIM's PlayBook, they're all said to combine first-generation hardware which are powered by platforms that are “entirely unproven relative to Apple's nearly 4-year old iOS.”

Nevertheless, it'll undoubtedly be interesting to see how the competition will adapt to Apple's tight grasp, but it might all come down to competitive pricing – which is still the one million dollar question surrounding the latest crew of tablets.

via Electronista

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