Amazon debuts the Halo Rise, the smart bedside sleep tracker

Amazon debuts the Halo Rise, the smart bedside sleep tracker
A topic that is increasingly on the mind of the big American tech giants is digital health. Apple, for example, believes its “greatest contribution to mankind” will be improving people’s health.

Amazon, albeit less ambitious in this regard, has been making decisive steps in the same direction for quite some time. Today’s new device announcement, Halo Rise, is only the next step in a long journey.

We spend a great deal of our lives sleeping, and, as Amazon notes, improving the quality of one’s sleep directly translates to a greater overall level of health. Halo Rise aims to achieve just that. The device is marketed as a “first-of-its-kind bedside sleep tracker”.

The Halo Rise is a no-contact sleep tracking monitor, which also features a smart alarm and a light, which aim to facilitate the perfect start of the day. By sensing the user’s breathing and movements, the Halo Rise effectively analyzes sleeping patterns and compiles a graph detailing time spent in each sleep phase.

Additionally, the Halo Rise’s smart alarm will begin waking up the user via a gradual sunrise simulation at the ideal time, in order to ensure that they get out of bed rested and ready for the day ahead.

The device also monitors a number of other environmental factors including humidity, light levels and temperature so as to paint as accurate a picture as possible of a user’s sleep quality. The Halo Rise pairs seamlessly with Alex for even greater personalization of the user’s sleep schedule and daily routines.

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Lastly, Halo Rise is just the most recent addition to the Amazon Halo ecosystem, the company’s health and wellness subscription service. The Rise comes with a free six months of Amazon Halo membership on purchase.

The Amazon Halo Rise is priced at $139.99 and will come soon to customers in the US.

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