AT&T’s upcoming phones

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AT&T’s upcoming phones
According to list that just leaked, AT&T is about to launch several long-awaited phones on the market, most of which you already have read about: LG CU920, Samsung Blackjack II, Motorola Z9, Sony Ericsson Z750 and K850, as well as a new color-scheme for the Apple’s iPhone.

We have already informed you about the spy shots of the “Prada” like LG CU920 (AT&T Vu2), coming for AT&T. It might be one of the first MediaFLO TV headsets, offered by the carrier which brings the conclusion that its release date will most likely take place no sooner than the beginning of 2008.

Despite the mentioned “Windows Mobile 5” OS, BlackJack’s successor looks logically in this list. Judging by the press shots, it can be assumed that Samsung BlackJack II is already about to face the sale strive in the smartphone class, so its AT&T launch before the end of the year would be out of surprise.

As previously reported in our articles, Motorola Z9 will be distributed by the major network carrier, which is mainly proved by the phone’s branding and software. It comes as a slider variant of the RAZR2 V9 clamshell.

There are also 4 GB and 8 GB versions of Apple iPhone in deep red color, mentioned in the list, which is contrary to Apple’s intention to cease the manufacturing of 4GB versions of its renowned smartphone.

If the list’s information is truth, K850 and Z750 will be the first 3G phones by Sony Ericsson to be offered by AT&T. As they are quad-band GSM with tri-band HSDPA they will feature world-roaming for both 2G and 3G.

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1. 21123 unregistered

ok phone arena guys we get it at&t rules! yea! well i think some of you reaaly need to try some of this carriers cause seriously at&t sucks horrible service! horrible coverage! please get a contract and travel see if youll be promoting suck shity company after 4mothns!

2. QuickeSilver unregistered

I've had AT&T for 4 years no problems so don't go saying it sucks. Thats jsut your opinion and you probably got pissed at them so now you just like to bad mouth them.

3. k unregistered

no, it sucks he is right, try going somewhere other than a city... poor service its right up there with T-mobile

4. unregistered

you have to include the phone's antenna as a factor. I used to own the samsung blackjack. It got great signal signal in and out of the city. When I order the motorola q9h through a 3rd party vendor, it got poor singal out of the city but great in the city

5. unregistered

all cell phone providers are not perfect. it's all about who offer the best service and signal at a specific location. if at&t is that bad they would not have the most subscribers in the US. if you check the statistics, at&t has more subscribers than verizon and sprint. people of phone arena are not promoting at&t. It's all about marketing. in terms of GSM vs. CDMA, GSM has more subscribers in the whole world than CDMA. since at&t has the most gsm subscribers in the US, many companies are taking advantage of this. To get back on topic, cingular is th one to blame for the poor signal and service. If you some research, cingular invested million of dollars for the customers that live in the city thus explains why people that do not live in the city get poor signal and service. at&t has to fix everything that cingular did.

6. bob unregistered

There is no difference between cingular and att now they are the same company all it is is a simple name change and now instead of getting top order from stan sigman they get them from randall stephenson

7. LOL unregistered

OK OK OK wait a second, since the merger of AT&T and cingular, there has been nothing but confusion. I mean its seriously ridiculous for 2 companies as large as these guys to be on the fence about something as small (in comparison ) as their name. AT&T is by no means the BEST carrier, Im not trash talking at all. But if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck. Do you realize how many of AT&T's customers are still on their old network? They arent the largest digital service provider either. They lie in their commercials, and they sold out to Apple in the hopes that the WOW factor if the iphone would bring in more business... And by all means it did! But I hear on a daily basis actuall users who have or had the iphone who are more than unpleased by it. AT&Tingular has reached a dead end and I predict and upset, I think not too far in the near future they will be surpassed by T-mobile. Im am not a Tmobile advocate, and I do not work for Tmobile, I am in the business... however am impressed by tmobiles customer care as well as their treatment of their employees.

8. unregistered

i have both at&t and t-mobile (sidekick) and i get great service with at&t 99.9% of the time whereas i have horrible service from t-mobile around 70% of the time. i have traveled all over the east coast, some of the west coast (CA and CO) and even hawaii and always had great service with at&t

9. Megatron unregistered

i wish att would get the sony ericsson p1 i love that phone but have not bothered to get it since it would not work on atts network, well in chicago maybee there is no 1900mhz coverage where i live.

10. luis unregistered

i thought there was only a z10 and z8. is the z9 the one that has the keys similar to the new ROKR e8? i am tottaly confused. =(

11. FerneyZAN unregistered

Funny that we bitching about reception issues and all kind of things other then talking about the new phones.. hehehe!! Anyways, since the topic is about everything but the article it self, let me add my 2cents.. I have had AT&T on an off no matter what their name is or was before.. Right now they are the TOP dog but that is IMO due to the merger between ATT and CINGY. VERIZON which is a CDMA provider has proven that overall they are the best pick in the USA market due their better data and voice quality and speeds, and to complicate things for ATT, Verizon VERY soon WILL RECLAIM their spot as NumberONE again. As for T-Mobile, hahaha!! They are a joke. To some, it might do them just right, but for most, T-Mobile does not quite compare to the lights of ATT, Verizon and even Sprint is better too.. BUT,, T-Mobile finally started offering 3G phones that will work on their 1700mhz network. That might be bad news for Sprint because that means that T-Mobile will finally have better indoor penetration.. It might not quite compare to the 800/850mhz networks that ATT and Verizon have, but it might make the difference for T-Mobile, so they can move up to 3rd place as they start adding more customers due to an improve network. We will see.. Oh, and yes, the new phones sound cool. If I was to want to wait for one out of this list, I would say I would wait for the MotoZ9 Slider specially if they come white/silver/black. But since I’m currently comparing/Testing Verizon, I have noticed that even though I am getting some awesome pricing and overall great deal with what I have with ATT, I think I prefer to be with a network that is EXCELLENT in most places for their voice quality, and that is one step ahead of ATT in network upgrading. They might not have the best selection of phones, but as some of you know by now, that is about to change. Will see.. In the end, things might come down to the slight better network for me, and handset choices, and from what I have been noticing lately, Verizon is not crippling their phones like before. But no matter which provider I end up with, ATT and VERIZON are overall the best and will be the TOP DOGS for many, many, many years to come. In fact the only real challenge I see in the future is from ALLTEL, but that is only assuming that they will became a national carrier and not just stay as a regional one.

12. BHAY unregistered

It is amazing that they think that everyone wants Music. I want a grgged, Waterproof, Phone with good reception. Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, I would rather have GPS, Bike cadence, Start and stop info. and good comunication. Not undicernable pictures and Boom Box reception.

13. 6800 unregistered

What we really want is Verizon to stop jerking us around and give us a good PDA like the 6800. That's what we want.

14. EZ unregistered

i agree with bhay, the fact that every phone manufacturer is making mp3 phones is totally ridiculous. i find those music control buttons on the face of the handset, not only annoying and useless, but terribly obstructing and taking away from real phone operations. thank god nokia is not doing that on most of their units. another bone i have to pick is the fact that 95% of all phones out there are flips. i hate flips can't stand them and don't want them. my last flip was a moto micro tac lite back in 93. yes, it was the cool thing then and i was one of the few to have one, but now everyone and their momma has a flip. please feature more candy bars and sliders. ahhh i feel much better after venting out..i was really upset.

15. Phones for EZ and Bhay unregistered

non flip VZW phones, LG-VX8500, LG-VX8550, LG-VX9400, Moto SLVR L7, New Samsung Juke (swivel), Sam SCHU620, Moto RIZRZ6TV, LG-VX9800, LG-VX9900,coming soon... LG-VX10000 (aka Voyager), LG-VX8800 (aka Venus)..... Um all of which are none flip phones, Im under the strong belief that people just want to complain about ANYTHING lol even if their complaints aren't warrented... As far as a Ruggedized phone I absolutely agree that there arent enough however VZW does offer the G'Zone TypeS, the G'Zone TypeR, both of which come in variations of speakerphone, push to talk, and non speaker or push... So, as we cant please eveyrobody all at once, I do believe VZW offers a very wide selection of "NON flip" phones... And just an FYI companies make money by pleasing the masses, electronic music devices right now are HUGE, however silly it may be to some, to have buttons and gadgets on the outside of the phone for music playing purposes, its proven in the numbers that they are selling like CRAZY! Flips, MP3 capable phones, and cool colors is where its at right now... so its understandable that companies are offering those features on a lot of their phones, thank god for VZW who also offer a lot of alternatives! as mentioned earlier in this post =c) Have a great day everyone!!!

16. AT&T-VZ GUY unregistered

You just gotta choose between poor reception (T-mo) and poor customer service (AT&T) between the two. They both suck in my opinion, very suck. Verizon is the clear winner in both, but kinda suck in price. If I have to keep one account between the three, I'll go for VZ for their real Network and Customer Service.

17. ha unregistered

First off Verizon has the worst customer service i had them. ATT is much better with that and the service i get in and out of the city is extremely awesome and my phone is super old (about over twoyears) due to the fact i have yet to fnd a new phone that i want. and T-Mobile and Sprint are horrid both my parents and my friends who have them get no cverage what so ever.

18. jay unregistered

at&t service does not suck it is way better than verizon wireless!!! and my at&t phone has service. I had all the cell phone companys out the like verizon wireless, sprint, nextel, t-mobile and at&t. Out of all the companys I had at&t was the best.

19. Hana unregistered

Order Unlocked phone off ebay, They will last longer and actully get better service. My phone was never released in america I ordered mine from italy and I love it I get better signal then when I had a cingular phone from the cingular company.

20. smoken joe unregistered

I would have to agree att sucks with a big s it was a lot better when it was cingular i used to get signal just about any where now can get it in my house att is loseing towers or something. someting is going on this is the worse ever just in the last three days

21. unregistered

oh stop talking has rollover minutes and some of the best phones.. i like verizon and sprit too..t-mobile is not that great with reception but all companies have their flaws..if u dont like at&t then cancell ur stupid contract and stop worring about it..i never had a problem with reception from at&t and i travel might be ur sucky cheap phone that does not get reception..well my point is simple instead of complaining u should just fix the problem..

22. Ron unregistered

ok. i have ad att/cingular for about 4 years. i have had many different phones. and i live out in the middle of nowhere and i get the best service... i have had people who had alltel and t mobile verizon and just about every other phone company at my house and they barely get any service. and just about anybody will tell you that att is the best as you can get.

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