AT&T says 98% of its cell sites in Nemo-hit areas are working

AT&T says 98% of its cell sites in Nemo-hit areas are working
Late last year it was Hurricane Sandy that hit the northeast hard enough to affect cellular service in the area. Now, the northeast is finding Nemo to be quite a handful. Still, AT&T customers might not have even noticed a difference as the carrier reports that 98% of its cell sites in the Nemo-hit area are up and running. AT&T also has charging stations located in its company owned stores in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Customers of all carriers in those states are invited to take their phones and tablets to the stations to be recharged. The charging stations will be open through next Friday.

When Hurricane Sandy did its thing at the end of October, it left 1 in 4 cellphone users unable to connect to their carrier. New York Senator Charles Schumer wants a law passed that would require carriers to have back-up power to keep cell sites from going down. AT&T said at the time that it would continue working with the government to prepare for emergencies. AT&T and T-Mobile agreed to carry traffic from each others' customers in areas where their own network went down.

As far as Nemo is concerned, the charging stations are offered during regular business hours and with some of AT&T's stores located in the hardest hit areas of the northeast, the carrier suggests using a store locator to look for the AT&T store nearest you. You might want to give them a call to make sure that they are open. The store locator can be found by clicking on this link.

source: AT&T

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