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AT&T pulls the Nokia 6650 from all of its stores?

AT&T pulls the Nokia 6650 from all of its stores?
An anonymous tipster has brought us what appears to be internal communications from AT&T regarding the Nokia 6650. It seems that after a enhancement was added to the network in South Florida, the handset experienced some "issues" such as resets and poor battery life. Only those in the southern part of the Sunshine State were having these problems, but the carrier had a dilemma. Because the 3rd carrier capability is expected to roll out across the network nationwide, the only choice AT&T had was to stop selling the handset. The carrier has issued a nationwide stop sell order for the Nokia 6650 and has asked the stores to return all of the affected equipment to the Dallas/Ft. Worth distribution center by the end of this month.

As this message was for dealers and reps, it did not say what owners of the handset should do. If you own the model in question, you might want to call your AT&T rep and get instructions, or you could just wait to see what the carrier says when they issue an announcement that should be forthcoming.

Nokia 6650 Specifications

Thanks anonymous tipster!
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