AT&T announces voluntary Mobile Share data plans, prices its offerings in line with Verizon

AT&T announces shared data plans
When there's smoke, there is fire. Every industry pundit was waiting for AT&T to join Verizon's shared data plans party soon after their release, and here they are.

Starting in "late August", you will be able to share unlimited talk&text plans across your devices starting at $40 a month, and then pay for each data-guzzling device extra. 

The added monthly charge per device ranges from $10 for a tablet, through $20 for data cards, sticks, netbooks or laptops, to $30-$45 in $5 increments, depending on how many gigabytes of data are included. Here's the nitty-gritty in a table format:

First, choose your monthly data amount.

Per Month

Mobile Share with Unlimited Talk & Text

1 GB




4 GB




6 GB




10 GB




15 GB




20 GB




Each Smartphone


Additional data: $15 per GB


Next, add more devices to your plan.

Basic and quick messaging phones

Laptops, LaptopConnect cards, and netbooks

Tablets and gaming devices

$30 each per month

$20 each per month

$10 each per month

How does it compare with Verizon? Well, there are subtle differences, but overall it smells like a good internal agreement not to race to the bottom pricewise. The cheapest option for a single smartphone with AT&T will run you $85 a month, and you start off with 1GB allowance there, while Verizon's 2GB tier will be $100, for example. Considering that a gig extra will cost $15 with AT&T, it all amounts to not much of a difference.

The silver lining with AT&T's Mobile Share plans is that you are not forced to adopt them, and can keep whatever plan you are currently using - life just gets easier if you want to share buckets of data across all of your mobile devices. In addition, if you are a current customer, and want to dip your toes into the new Mobile Share plans, you can choose whatever suits your data consumption, and will simply be switched to the new plan without an extra contract extension.

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