$99 are between you and Microsoft's Marketplace

$99 are between you and Microsoft’s Marketplace
Once again, Microsoft proves itself as a wise developer. The online application stores of other companies have achieved a great success, which has obviously not been overlooked by Ballmer and company. After following suit and announcing its own Marketplace for mobile applications, the Redmond-based company has now thrown some light on the pricing of the actual process of publishing an app. Imagine you are a mobile app developer, who wants to get in front of all Windows Mobile users, what you will first need to do is register at Windows Marketplace for Mobile, which will cost you $99 a year. This charge allows you to submit up to five applications for the annual period. If this limits your productivity and you want to make additional submissions, each new one will set you back $99 more. According to Microsoft, this measure has been taken in order to provide an optimal end user experience. Developers who decide to join in with their programs (free ones will also be allowed) will get 70% of the earnings, similarly to Apple’s variant and unlike Research In Motion, which promises 80% of the revenue from its future storefront. Still, we aren’t sure if you stick to publishing free apps, will you need to pay those $99 more for additional apps… Any guesses?

source: Microsoft via WMPoweruser

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