6.44" Sony panel pops up, makes us hopeful for MWC

Remember those speculations we might be seeing a Sony C6603 Yuga handset with a 6" display later in the year? Well, a Sony-branded glass panel with very narrow bezel has appeared from the confines of Chinese manufacturing, and it sports a 6.44" diagonal, which fits the description.

What exactly has Sony been imagining for such a handset remains to be seen, if the rumor holds water, and with the MWC expo in a month and change, that might be the place to see it announced, too.

Samsung justified the existence of a handset like the 5.5" Galaxy Note II with the S Pen stylus and the accompanying apps for taking advantage of handwriting on the huge screen, and what would Sony bring to the table with a 6-incher is anyone's guess at this point, but the company has proven its innovation potential numerous times, so we keep our hopes high for a big-screen Sony handset.

source: Digi-wo via Engadget

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