5 Android and iPhone RPG games you should check out

5 Android and iPhone RPG games you should check out
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to sharpen your steel swords and put on those iron shields; to stack up on health potions and to make sure you have your best amulets on; to charge up your mana bars and to cast your most powerful auras. Those ogres and dark mages aren't going to slay themselves, you know. It is your duty and destiny to lead a party into the dark kingdoms and fight off the evil scum that lurks there. 

After an introduction this epic it should be clear that we spent the weekend playing RPGs. To be more specific, we tried out a whole bunch of titles belonging to the genre in search of the best among them. And this is what we got – here are 5 RPG games for Android and iPhone we think you should try.

Soda Dungeon

Download: Android | iOS (Both free with IAPs)

This is the RPG we spent the most time on this weekend, and for a number of reasons: it is fun, addictive, easy to play, and the few ads that appear have a minimal impact on the experience. The game revolves around battling groups of enemies in a turn-based fashion, with an epic boss battle every 10 levels. In return for your efforts you get new weapons, armor, and items augmenting your heroes' powers. Speaking of heroes, you may hire up to 5 of them. You can lead them into battle by yourself, or switch to Auto mode, where the game handles most of the action for you.

Where's the soda, you ask? Well, it is served in the tavern, and the tavern is where you hire heroes from. The better the sodas offered there, the higher the rank of the heroes available for hire will be. Therefore, spending money on upgrading the tavern is extremely beneficial.

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Dash Quest

Download: Android | iOS (Both free with IAPs)

It is fascinating how mashing up several different game concepts can yield great results. Dash Quest is an endless runner with RPG elements – you equip your hero with better gear, you use spells against the enemies, you gain skill points as you progress, you know the drill. At the same time, the game is very easy to control thanks to its vertical orientation and tap-based combat mechanics. With each battle you gain experience and gold, the latter being used to buy better weapons and armor, as well as to unlock new magic spells. 

The Greedy Cave

Download: Android (Free) | iOS ($0.99) (Contains IAPs)

It is bad to be greedy, as this game will clearly show you why. Long story short, your goal is to explore a cave full of bad guys. Without dying, of course. This will cause you to lose the loot you've collected. You will also lose it if you choose to go back to town. Only the high-quality items you've collected will remain in your inventory. You will gain experience and grow stronger over time, which will allow you to reach further into the cave – to obtain stronger weapons and armor, to develop more of your skills. The cartoonish visual style makes The Greedy Cave even more enjoyable to play.

The Last Vikings

Download: Android | iOS (Both free with IAPs)

Fun fact: vikings never had horned helmets, despite the way they're often portrayed in movies, in semi-accurate historical drawings, and in this game. But nevertheless, The Last Vikings takes you on an enjoyable quest to restore the vikings' former glory. You'll be raiding and looting villages, you'll be obtaining powerful weapons and building strong ships, you'll be fighting mythical creatures of immense powers. With over 50 viking heroes to unlock, this game will keep you coming back for more.

Extreme Jobs Knight's Assistant

Download: Android | iOS (Both free with IAPs)

And lastly, here's a game that you'll either uninstall immediately or fall in love with. Most people seem to be on the latter side, judging by its 5-star rating. So, as the title implies, you're the assistant of a knight. A very cocky knight, to put it lightly. Your main goal is to collect the loot for him, as that's what assistants are for. You'll be scolded if you slack off, just so you know. But there's more. The game gives you plenty of upgrade options for your knight, allowing him to be stronger against the enemies. You'll get even more loot in return to invest in further upgrades.

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