As some Oculus Go apps stop working, Meta explains they’re gone for good

As some Oculus Go apps stop working, Meta explains they’re gone for good
The Oculus Go was a cheap VR offering from Meta to get users hooked on Virtual Reality. Instead, the headset failed to retain users and was soon discontinued. And now it seems apps on the Oculus Go are becoming nonfunctional for its few remaining users, with no apparent fix.

The issue revolves around an error message that says “Entitlement check failed”. When a user tries to open an app this error message pops up and the app fails to launch. Reinstalling the app and factory resetting the Oculus Go headsets don’t appear to do anything.

At first it appeared the Oculus Go platform was just having a few hiccups. That is until the Meta Quest Support community manager stepped in and tried to explain the situation. And their answer is…troubling.

— Quest Support, Meta Community Forums, May 2024

The Meta support account thanked users for being part of the Oculus Go, calling it “an important stepping stone”. They went on to explain that support for the Oculus Go had ended, implying that the issue would not be investigated.

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So I’m guessing the same will happen with Meta Quest 3 one day.

There are other accounts of this happening as well, especially on Reddit (on a subreddit I dare not link). This isn’t entirely unexpected but it still is troubling to see. The world continues to move towards an economy where you don’t actually own anything.

It is highly likely that one day we will lose access to our VR games if they get discontinued or our headset loses support from the manufacturer. And we can only hope some global legislation similar to the European Union’s consumer-protection laws prevents this from becoming the norm.
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