The Meta Quest 3 is about to get an exclusive Batman game

The Meta Quest 3 is about to get an exclusive Batman game
Meta-owned studio Camouflaj — who also made Marvel’s Iron Man VR — is working on a Quest 3 exclusive Batman game. According to the launch trailer released by Meta the game is slated to release later this year.

Batman: Arkham Shadow is supposedly a full game and the next entry in the insanely popular Arkham series of Batman games. Arkham Shadow will be VR only and completely exclusive to Meta Quest 3. However, now that Quest OS is open to third parties, the game might also be playable on third party headsets running on the Quest platform.

This exclusivity strategy is exactly how Camouflaj’s Iron Man VR was released. Back then it was a PSVR exclusive, though it did come to Quest headsets approximately two years later. Now that Camouflaj is owned by Meta, the company seems to be following old footsteps with making Arkham Shadow a Quest 3 exclusive.

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We’ll probably get to see actual gameplay this June.

This isn’t the first time Gotham has been portrayed in virtual reality. 2016 saw the release of Batman: Arkham VR by Rocksteady Studios. However, Arkham VR was a very short game that didn’t receive spectacular reviews. The gameplay was enjoyable according to reviews but the entire experience just wasn’t what was asked for.

Batman: Arkham Shadow’s trailer features a lot of rats, leading to speculation that we might see the Ratcatcher. Ratcatcher is a villain from the Batman universe that has the special ability to control rats. Using his abilities the Ratcatcher is able to cause mayhem even when imprisoned as well as receive supplies via rats who travel through the ventilation system.

Seeing the gloomy streets of Gotham in VR is going to be amazing, but I’m sure what most people are looking forward to is gliding around the city. If that is indeed a mechanic, and it is implemented well, Arkham Shadow could become one of the best VR games of 2024.
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