Among Us VR introduces a new role that can completely change the game

Among Us VR introduces a new role that can completely change the game
Among Us is a game that gained immense popularity during the last few years. It soon saw a VR adaptation that completely changed how you viewed the game during regular gameplay. And now it’s getting a new role inspired by mods for the classic version: the vigilante.

If you’re unfamiliar with Among Us, it’s a game that up to 10 people can play. Usually, eight people are crewmates and two are impostors. The crewmates are tasked with getting all the tasks done before the impostors finish them off. A large part of what makes the game so fun are the group meetings where people try to figure out who the impostors are.

The new vigilante role is the same as the sheriff role added by mods years ago during the game’s peak. Vigilantes will be able to take out other players like impostors, but they will be on the side of the crewmates. And this opens up possibilities for vigilantes being accused of being impostors.

The addition of vigilantes should really spruce up the game, in my opinion. Among Us VR already looks like a more tense experience because of the first-person view, and this only raises the stakes. Because vigilantes can make mistakes and end up whacking an innocent crewmate.

Among Us VR retails for $9.99 on the Meta Horizon Store and Steam. If you use the promo code “DUMCode40-8686E7” you can get 40% off on the Horizon Store until July 31. Among Us VR is also 40% off on Steam until June 27.

The vigilante role is part of the limited time event “Dum Justice”. And with the new Glove Pack: Catch Deez Hands, players will now also have new gloves to wear in addition to hats and other cosmetics.

Among Us VR can be one of the most fun VR games you can play, especially if you play with friends instead of in public lobbies. And this new vigilante class is sure to add replayability for the duration of Dum Justice.
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