Sony Ericsson Zylo Review
This is a global GSM phone, it can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA without 3G.


Sony's Walkman brand has given a lot to mankind, from the first mobile cassette player to the Sony Ericsson Zylo, which we are about to review. We have always liked the idea  of having Walkman-branded devices (yes, we are old school), but how will the Zylo perform as a music-centered phone? Read on to find out...

What's in the box

  • Sony Ericsson Zylo handset
  • 900mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Manual and quick start guide
  • Charger
  • Headset with microphone


The Sony Ericsson Zylo has the typical slider form factor we are used to seeing in many of the company's handsets, with rounded edges, and a slightly curved back panel, which makes it pleasant to hold. The handset is rather smallish, and to operate it with one hand, you have to support it the usual way with the pinky, or even the ring finger. Well, that's why nature gave us opposing thumbs, we guess. The Zylo is built well and the slider mechanism snaps back and forth with ease.

You can compare the Sony Ericsson Zylo with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The screen is a regular 2.6” QVGA resolution display with average visibility in direct sunlight. The screen is able to display 262 thousand colors, and its glass cover is rated as scratch-resistant. No touchy-feely here, operating the UI is done mainly by the six buttons and the circular d-pad under the screen. The send and end buttons on both sides are decently sized and easy to press, but the two soft keys and the two little activity and clear keys are extremely small, and with shallow travel. The navigation ring of the d-pad is not the most correct of them all either, but you get used to it after some time with the phone.

Pushing the screen part up reveals a traditional numeric keypad with a smooth plastic feel on the buttons. They are fairly large and really easy to press with deep travel.

As a typical Walkman series phone, the Sony Ericsson Zylo has a dedicated button to fire up the music player on the right, just below the volume rocker. The Walkman key is also utilized as a camera button, but you have to start the camera software from the menu first, again annoying. The only other element around the phone is the charging/headset port on the left. The company is still bothering us and itself with proprietary connectors, so you will have to buy an adapter cable if you want to use another headset.

The 3.2MP camera on the back is also a video recorder without an LED light to it (or any sort of light). There is a chrome-like band surrounding the Sony Ericsson Zylo, but our review unit was the silver version, so it didn't make much distinction. The chrome color would stand out better on the black or the pink versions of the Zylo.

Sony Ericsson Zylo 360 Degrees View:



1. AladdinSane

Posts: 12; Member since: Jul 10, 2010

I wonder which U.S. carrier will feature the SE Zylo? This device is NOT all that. SE should have included a flash for its camera, at least. Speaking of SE, AT&T should finally drop the w518a device from its roster. It's about time! Peace-

2. Moa Aonok unregistered

I was planning to buy the Zylo, as I had not used a Sony Ericsson phone in a long. Everything seemed fine with the zylo except for the absence of a 3.5mm jack. How on earth does a walkman phone not have a 3.5 jack?!! That was the dealbreaker for me. I'll get myself a nokia xpress music.

3. ronnie.leo11

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 07, 2010

i am big fan of sony ericsoon..and i m planning to buy zylo..sonu walkman series has already given lot to their other brand has touhed its sound effect...hope this zylo will also hit the market..

19. Lakshman unregistered

Hi. my suggestion to u is not to but Zylo. "no other brand has touhed its sound effect" this is not suitable for zylo at all.

4. Tink unregistered

I have been planning to buy this phone but the absence of a jack turns me off. Now, I feel lost in space! Still looking for the right phone. =(

5. ???A??? unregistered

i just got a fone nd now i tink i'm gonna get a zylo. im in ireland nd they r just out so no 1 really has 1! hope it goes well!!! ???A???

6. gentar unregistered

Sony E are a frustrating company, why are all the best features spread out on different phones...I mean the Spiro will be released with a headphone jack it but doesn't do flac?! That doesn't make sense, surely the zylo should've had the headphone jack too, especially as its being touted as a audiophile phone!

8. bams unregistered

its great phone,l use this phone and i love it and superb phone too,not like nokia!!!!!!!!!

10. vibhu

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 01, 2010

as u say u have this product.. could you please tell me whether these applications like d facebook & twitter widgets can be removed from the home screen..????

18. ATTACK!ATTACK! unregistered

is the battery life good? or is it like the Spiro's? (horrible,play one song and the battery drains from 100%-92%) and does it have the "out of memory" issue like the Spiro or anything that bother you besides the missing 3.5mm jack?

9. vibhu

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 01, 2010

which is a better choice ..?? zylo or the nokia c5..... m really confused..

11. mael unregistered

I've bought zylo for about 2 weeks. it's a very good music phone, but you need to add 8 or 16gb microsd, load with your favorite songs, swap with hi-fi headset and you'll get a superb jukebox-in-the-phone. i love the deep bass and clear stereo audio output from this phone. if you only music lover like me, you should buy this phone but if you rely to other superb functions, go get others..

12. DILLY unregistered

From my exprience i always upgrade my mobile in only SE. Specificly Zylo is good. I like to share few things, what got by using it last two days Excellent Things 1. 2.6 inches TFT gives such a natural color, 2. Cam Clarity Classic, 3. Music is Magnifing, 4. Browsing is Blasting. Buy it and you feel quality, Two drawback 1. Ear Phone(hearing speaker) is Low in OutDoor 2. Audio jack.

13. Tresna

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 03, 2011

I hope Sony Ericsson will continue walkman lines in the future with better features, just like the old time :)

14. aaccaacc unregistered

I currently own the SE naite/J105 and I HATE it!!! I might be able to get a new phone and if I do i would like the zylo or the W595. I sure hope that they wont be a letdown like th naite

15. munib unregistered

is it,s slide is good. i mean is it show,s good sliding result

16. amulya unregistered

its a awesum phone,there's nothing bad about it battery.u cud buy extra 3.5 jack from open market for just 35 rs

17. dhiju unregistered

i have a sony ericsson zylo phonee................! nice phone & so stylish...........!

20. Neo unregistered

dude(s).. Blasting fone.. A little developing (like changing acoustics, etc..) nd u r ready to go.. The sounds gr8.. Multi-tasking is best (compared to another j2me phones).. Stylish.. Blasting camera.. Gud display.. Many walkman features like 'sense me' etc.. 3g is gud.. Battery backup is also gud.. Nd in last the price is so affordable.. Now.. what u need..?? I hve been using this fone since 2 months.. Nd i can't get better than this..

21. Jrsw unregistered

One word; unreliable. I've owned many phones and when I got my first Sony Ericsson, I discovered a new love. That phone was brilliant. Unfortunately, the phone became outdated and mine just happen to have been stolen so I paid over £100 for this Sony Ericsson Zylo, as soon as it came out. In just over a year, I've been sent 6 replacement phones, at least. It's always the same problem... A fault with the screen mechanics (duplicated screen, colours messed up, etc). However, my most recent replacement broke yesterday. The off button had broken... that meant I couldn't end calls, couldn't turn my phone on or off, and the first thing I was asked when I asked for a new replacement was "Have you dropped it". Actually, it had been sat on the table and was working perfectly fine until I wanted to close all my open apps. I don't know anyone else with this phone so I can't compare, but considering my past phone's have survived flying out of windows and being sat on and I've learnt from those mistakes, this phone has no reason for constantly breaking... if you intend to use your phone as frequently as I do, don't even think of getting this phone. In my opinion, this phone is nearly as bad as the frequently complained about, LG cookie, but that's a completely different story.
  • Display 2.6" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.26 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 920 mAh(3.50h 3G talk time)

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