Samsung S7330 Preview

Introduction and Design

We have previously discussed the popular strategy to use the design of a high-end phone for the production of a cheaper model of the same brand. Samsung’s L770 copying the U700 Ultra 12.1 is a typical example of that. But now again, the Koreans have decided to use that trick and the result is S7330, resembling the Soul. The phone is equipped with a 3-megapixel camera, FM radio, microSD slot and a touch-sensitive navigational pad.

Since we have a prototype, we’ll make preview instead of a review and will not get into details. Expect our review as soon as we get a final unit.


The S7330’s design reminds us of the Soul, but it lacks style and class, which in the high-end model are achieved by the use of quality material. Although it looks metal, only the battery lid is made of that material and the rest is plastic. Nevertheless, the phone is quite massive and heavy.

You can compare the Samsung S7330 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The main display has a QVGA resolution and supports up to 16 million colors. Below it there is a small touch-sensitive display, used for navigation. In Soul, it was called MagicalTouch, but here, the manufacturer has decided to get rid of the funny name and keep the annoying separation of the soft buttons and the SEND, END keys. That leads to the frustrating “touch here, press there”.

The lower part of the slider houses the keyboard accompanied by the Clear button and two shortcuts. They provide access to a menu with all organizer functions and activating the video call.

On the right side, you will find the camera shutter and the microSD slot, and on the opposite you’ll see the volume rocker and the charger connector. We think that it’s time for Samsung to join the microUSB party.

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