Samsung B7722 Review
This is a global GSM phone. It can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA without 3G.


Thе Samsung B7722 (also known as Star Duos in certain markets) is an enticing offer for people who definitely need the comfort of using two networks, or two SIM cards from the same carrier simultaneously on a brand name handset. The ability to change cellular subscription lines with the touch of a button on a phone with a comparatively generous 3.2” touchscreen makes it quite a novel handset. Samsung has decided that this is enough of a distinction in the overcrowded cell phone market, and has conceived the B7722 as a feature phone instead of providing it with an operating system. Let's explore the features then!

What's in the box:

  • Samsung B7722 handset
  • Wall charger
  • microUSB cable
  • Stereo headset with microphone


The Samsung B7722 is a chubby (14.3 mm thick) device with an all-plastic build. The front houses a 3.2” resistive touchscreen with WQVGA 240x400 pixels resolution, supporting 256k colors. Nothing really exciting in terms of color representation or contrast, and the phone is struggling for legibility in direct sunlight, even at maximum brightness.

You can compare the Samsung B7722 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

Under the screen there are three physical buttons – the middle key has Samsung's edgy shape found on a lot of its feature phones recently, and serves as a back key to return you to the previous screen. It is flanked by the send and end keys on both sides. The dual-SIM phone has a front-facing cam as well as a 5MP primary one with an LED flash beneath it on the back. The rest of the physical elements are hosted on the sides – the left has the volume rocker and the microUSB port, while the right side finds space for the lock and camera buttons, plus a dedicated key to toggle between the SIM cards.

The Samsung B7722 is fairly light at 122gr, and comfortable for one-handed operation due to the average-sized screen. It even has a setting for left or right hand operation that in contacts, for example, moves a search slider to the respective screen side, which is a nice touch.

The phone is built durable, with plastic that doesn't flex or creak when pressed hard. It feels solid in the hand, unlike the flimsy offerings we come across sometimes.

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1. skybucks21

Posts: 16; Member since: Dec 01, 2009

bad review as always/.

2. Gopi unregistered

The worst mobile and set ever seen..... Purchased the handset on sunday, 24th october....started with a problem on monday, the poblem was the 1. message was just showing initaialising, but no display of the message. 2. The BSNL 3G sim care was not configured, and suddenly even the airtel network was not seen. 3. The phone got hanged, when recieved the call and was not able to attend the call... All these problem on the very next day. Went to the dealer, then he was so curteous, gave me another hand set. Now the second one, 1. The coverage was there for BSNL, and also Airtel, felt a bit excited, but again the same problem in registration of the sim Now back to the dealer, he handed over third one.... 1. The mobile automatically switched off during registration process of both the sim cards. then agin changed wo 4th mobile. I this one 1. BSNL identification as 3G is not at all showing. Tomorrow the dealer is taking me to the service centre. JUST IMAGINE THAT I HAVE NEVER USED IT COMPLETELY, BUT SO MANY COMPLAINTS IN DIFFERENT HAND SET. PLEASE NEVER GO FOR THIS MODEL....b7722

4. AM unregistered

hi i m using near about 1month, really very good, i didt face any issue , other than build in memory Coz very less build memory compare with feautures, very good battery back up, good speed on net particularly in 3g+ areas. very good music player and hands free, quality very fine, powerfull ear buds (only disavantage connectine mini usb very diifuculy, instead of mini usb they should provide direct 3.5mm jack separately) good thing like some sony ericssion u can connect ur other 3.5 jack headphones. i m really satisfied with this phone. easily switch over sim and good sim manger software. appearance very decent, on meeting when u keep on table really very decent. but u cant use skype lie voip service no gps. pricewise also good when u compare feautures with other models. but little bulky

6. Clown unregistered

A friend of mine bought this mobile phone. He faced the same problem and went to the dealer who said that the SIM card was the problem. My friend went to the carrier and changed the SIM card. Now the phone is working perfect, smooth, and without any problem. Only browsing heavy web pages is the only problem for this mobile.

3. Taoufik Loubiri unregistered

The Samsung mobile phone GT- B7722, so often, does not answer to incoming calls when answer button is actuated, and when there are two networks active. The problem is not noted for one network only. Can anybody suggest a solution?

5. vishal67 unregistered

I bought a Samsung GT-B7722 mobile (Star Duos) on 11-10-2010. The IMEI no is 352550041236561. On 07.12.2010, while putting it ON, the loading line would proceed till the half way mark and the mobile would just turn off from that point. I tried a number of times, but the phone would not start. I deposited my mobile with M/s TELELINK, C-38, City Centre, Bokaro Steel City (Jharkhand) {Authorised Samsung Service Centre) on 08.12.2010 at 10:30 am. The work order no is WA87241015761. They said that it is a software problem and that the software would have to be re-loaded. This meant that everything in the phone memory would be lost, including the phonebook. As I didn't have any choice, I deposited the same. They asked me to collect it at 4pm the same day. When I went there at 4pm, they said that the motherboard has become faulty and it would have to be replaced. They also informed that the motherboard is not available with them nor at Ranchi (the capital city of Jharkhand). It would have to be sourced from Delhi and would take one week. Today (10.12.2010) I again enquired about my mobile. They said that the motherboard is not available anywhere and it may take upto one month for the spare to arrive. I am in a fix and feel totally cheated and deceived by the poor quality of Samsung phones and such poor service. As my work was suffering I didnt have any choice but to buy another phone, while I wait endlessly to get back my GT-B7722

7. OMG unregistered

I also had the same problem with start up two weeks after I bought it and they told me I got a virus. I lost all of my data when they rebooted the software :(( sounds like this could be more of a bug and less of a virus...

8. PJCM unregistered

I purchased a phone on 31-12-2010 and have had the same issue related to not being able to answer the incoming call and have to wait until caller terminates the call before being able to access the phone. As you might not all be aware this happens at least 4 out of 5 calls. It is infuriating. After several days I took it to a samsung service center.They made a software re-install and a ran a diagnoses and found nothing and after 10 days ......guess what I received the phone back "repaired" . First call and it the problem was again present. The service centre told me to contact samsung who told me to contact the phone vendor who in his turn told me to contact the service centre. So what do I do?

9. Bas unregistered

I have just returned the phone to the Service Centre for a refund ... it has a great spec but it is so unrelaible. Mine switches off at random and also has the problem mentioned by others that sometimes none of the keys function and I can't answer a call. Two software upgrades did not fix this issues. Samsung need to test their phones properly before release.

10. harish kumar unregistered

music list starts from the first song of the list not from the previous track. secondly, the call block application does not work properly as it allows a no. of unknown calls to ring your phone. else where it is a nice phone good display, good touch etc. One more problem i wanted to share is that the applications like opera or bc browser doesnt work as they do work in nokia mobile phones. nither the quatery keybord comes into display nor the navigation buttons becomes hidden

11. phil Bangkok unregistered

purchased B7722 six weeks ago, phone would shut down many times a day, sometimes during a call. Returned to dealer was told phone would be sent to Samsung repair. phone returned with new software download, same problem. Phone again sent to repair was told need to replace board, pick up in one week. Returned, board not arrived,ready one week. Returned still no board. Requested new phone but refused. Going 7 weeks now Samsung has my money, I have no phone and i'm dealing with a company that could care less about it's coustomers. Don't buy Samsung products as this company will give you no service.

12. maddy unregistered

is it possible to loaded android in b7722...

36. bilkal unregistered

i have the same question my friend

13. werewolf unregistered

Dame I hate this Phone.........One request to every new buyer NEVER BUY IT

14. Sachiniict unregistered

phone , having lot of problem.............................................................................its only waste of huge money.....................Oh god Is this samsung

15. prashant26 unregistered

The biggest problem is that the phone does not have the option of ringing in headset mode. It only vibrates. So either u keep the headphones in your ear the whole day like a fool, or be prepared to miss all your calls. dont buy this phone.

16. chrisallatt unregistered

After loads of problems getting the phone to work properly initially, numerous freeze ups over the past three months, the phone has now taken to turning itself off four or five times a day - I will take the phone back later this week to see if anything can be done but I really feel like throwing it in the bin and avoiding any Samsung products in the future

17. Rinil unregistered

I got this phone about 2 weeks ago. Now i am really hate this phone. Lot of basic features are missing 1.U cant see the messages while calling, 2. No call recording option(even reliance 599 rs phone had this one) 3. Cant use opera or UC web for downloading 4. Dolphin Browser is a real head ache 5. Large Web pages will not load 6. Sometimes Call termination button not works 7.U cant sent messages to more than 10 users at a time. 8. WMV format not working 9.low touch sensitivity when compared to Nokia .............................dont go 4 it

18. nps unregistered

Guys someone is trying to mislead you .....................most of the above information is false

19. srinu unregistered

Hi Frnds, I purchased this mobile(GT-B7722) in jan'2011 i wil share my bad experience in these 8months. 1)Auto Switch-Off 2)Auto Resrtart 3)Hanging 4)Dolphin Browser its really Headache while connecting the internet u wont be able to minimize the screen 5)Touch Screen very poor functionality.Hard Touch Screen 6)Sometimes High quality videos were not working when you able to see those in Youtube its like blurreing 7)MP4 and WMV doesn't support 8) Before releasing the model they are not testing properly Why they are cheating the customers they are getting profit that's business what about us i have tatally loose my money and iam totally disappointed to working with this mobile I am planning to complaint in "Comsumers Court" can you please tel me any body what is the process Finally Dont go buy this mobile before purchasing the samsung mobile throughly check it and dont go for this mobile

20. Chris Kross unregistered

Bought it 1 week ago. It had the shutdown problem and also a very strange nois in the earphone when ringing or talking. Received a new one yesterday and it seems to be working. I have another dual sim phone (Galactic) that I sent 1 week ago to the service center for the 4-th time. I think that generally available dual sim technology sucks, that's why nokia and other know brands won't produce such phones.

21. [V] unregistered

Bought it last week. No complaints as above. Go for it !

22. Jeet unregistered

I bought this phone in Jan 2011. I am using this phone for last eight month. Lots of problem in this phone. Sometimes i cant receive the phone either i cant disconnect. At a time we can do only one thing if i am talking then i cant even check the msg only we can talk. Its worst phone ever so guys dont go for this phone.....

23. Dhiman unregistered

The Samsung GT-B 7722 is not the thing you expect from a semi smart phone. I am using it for 30 days and i feel sorry on my decision to buy it. The following problems I have noticed: 1. The PUSH email if activated with synchro. then your phone book memory sometimes got erased during synchronization. I could not solve this problem. Just turned the push mail off. 2. Web surfing is dis-satisfactory. If a page is large, the phone would initiate the task manager to off the page/ applications. 3. You can not change the default SMS tone, which is very low. 4. If you delay in answering call, you can not accept it even pressing the answer button. The phone become non responsive. 5. Very difficult to tackle the IVR phone calls. The speaker volume is low enough. 6. It has push email but attachments not downloadable. Trying to download would initiate the task manager to close the application. 7. Feature wise price is exorbitant. 8.Unlike NOKIA OVI, he samsung applications do not have interesting free of charge utilities to download. 9. KIES software is slow and takes long time to recognize devises or synchronization. 10.Only plus is that you have a 3G+2G at one go!

24. DNYANENDRA unregistered

i purest b7722 in diwali 2010 one month it work properly after that it restart again and again also it hangup most of time i go for service center he only formated after one weak and returned me but problem still not solved i understand that software of this model is not good I SUGGEST PLEASE NOT TO PUREST THIS OR ANY SAMSUNG MODEL BECAUSE OF SERVICE PROBLEM

25. yogesh dandekar unregistered

yes im amsung custmer im 7722 mobile perches on 1 manth but problem this mobile 1) frount camera in not wark 2) back camera is not night mode work & not clear photos

26. parag unregistered

Bought this yesterday as I have a 3G(video calling) and 2G(official)connections. After using c6112 I feel this is still an earlier version. Good - 2G-3G adaptability, camera Bad - everything else . poor sound from phone - feels like the sound is coming from a 2000 Rs phone, Internet totally junk, screen resolution - not good for such a big screen. Samsung Apps is what samsung has devised to fool the buyers, it doesn't work on net, all other things start @ Rs 50. Poor quality resistive touchscreen and very cheap thick form factor. Overall I would say that samsung has not reduced the price of this junk just because the competition is absent. I am waiting for a 2G-3G combination for a year and the options are still the same. so if you definitely need a 2g-3G combination then it is still ok as compared to what else is available, however if you have seen android then I would recommend not to go for it, it feels like you are caged.

28. Wilson unregistered

My B7722 phone goes off by itself. I keep the same in locked mode. Still when I start to use, I find it is off (specially in the evening local approx 6PM) Can you please tell me whether there is any settings problem?. can anybody guide me how to go ahead?

29. Saseendran nair unregistered

this phone is a waste of money, no worth for money, if any one planing to buy this phone , pls stop it, u will loose ur money. always hang. not at all a user frindly phone internet options very bad as a totall this is useless phone for this money, the manufactures are fool the buyes saseendran from muscat

30. raghothaman unregistered

i hv samsung gt b7722 its veryy nice but tooo speed
  • Display 3.2" 240 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Storage 0.27 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1200 mAh(5.66h 3G talk time)

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