Twitter will now let any user appeal account suspensions

Twitter will now let any user appeal account suspensions
When Musk sat upon the blue-cushioned, faux-gold Twitter throne, he vowed to offer amnesty to users who’ve been suspended in the past, seemingly regardless of reason. He’s already restored the accounts of numerous infamous personas, even such ones that have been known to start a bit of an online riot.

This act was a display of confidence in Twitter’s new regulation and to take things further, the social platform now has a public appeal process too. Any user with a locked, blocked, suspended or banned Twitter account can initiate the flow through this online form.

This is an effective realization of the company’s own announcement of the process, which happened earlier this week. While it’s good that they were quick to make that promise a reality, we can’t help but wonder what that may lead to, and would it include repeated instances of users getting banned?

Well, supposedly not. The Twitter Safety account shared that the plan is to take “less severe” actions against rule breakers from here on out. For example, offenders may have their reach limited or they may even get outright asked to delete certain tweets that don’t comply with the currently established rules.

That isn’t to say that we won’t see Twitter users getting banned, though. That esteemed status is reserved only for those who truly test the limits of Twitter’s policy, or become repeat offenders, despite becoming witness to the warning signs.

One must, however, ask: how does the appeals process work? Well, given that we don’t have a banned Twitter account lying around, we can’t really say. There’s basically no info about it as of now either. The company expects a high volume of requests to test their “new criteria” though, so maybe after some users emerge on the other side, they can let everyone know how it went.

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