Abracadabra! Apple makes the Magic Charger iPhone charging stand disappear

Abracadabra! Apple makes the Magic Charger iPhone charging stand disappear
A tweet from a collector of rare Apple items with the handle KyoukoBlue (@TheBlueMister) reveals a picture of an unreleased iPhone accessory that Apple was going to name the "Magic Charger." At least that is the name that comes up when the accessory is identified by a Mac that it is plugged into.

The accessory has been described as a MagSafe charger inside an aluminum square that has a round hole in the middle. A white rubber base keeps it from sliping on a surface and it comes with a nicely braided USB-C charging cable. In other words, the Magic Charger was a metal charging stand for the iPhone. Apple didn't release the Magic Charger because, well, there was no magic! Due to the design of the accessory, it could only work on an iPhone if the device was being used in landscape mode. 

The round MagSafe puck is too low on the Magic Charger to work in portrait mode. As for the magic, I'm reminded of a line said by Dr. Gregory House (portrayed spectacularly by Hugh Laurie) on House MD. Treating a magician who nearly drowned trying to copy a Houdini escape act from inside a water tank, House said, "If the wonder's gone when the truth is known, there never was any wonder."

So if there is no actual magic to the Magic Charger, and it forces users to view content in landscape only, what choice did Apple have but to take the device out to the back of the shed and shoot it? Ironically, @TheBlueMister says that originally, the way that Apple designed the Magic Charger, it would have required iPhone users to have their phones in portrait orientation for it to work.

Twitter tipster DuanRui (@duanrui1205) also tweeted images of the Magic Charger. To reiterate, don't look for this accessory in your nearby Apple Store. It doesn't exist right now and probably never will. Ta da!

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