Want to turn you or your kid into an iPhone for Halloween?

Want to turn you or your kid into an iPhone for Halloween?
Don't be surprised tomorrow when you open the door to hand out candy for Halloween if you see a walking, talking iPhone on your doorstep begging for a treat. Checking online, we've discovered several cellphone-related costumes that you might encounter on Halloween night. Perhaps the coolest of these outfits is one that dresses you up as an iPhone 5s albeit with a broken screen.

The costume is available from Great Mascot at a price more expensive than what it costs to buy a real iPhone 5s these days. It is available in sizes to fit children and adults and can be purchased in black or red. It even includes Touch ID!

If dressing up as an iPhone 5s with a broken screen isn't cutting-edge enough for some deep-pocketed trick-or-treaters, a store named ShopMascot is selling a costume that turns wearers into a more modern representation of Apple's smartphone including the notch. This costume is also available for children and adults.

Tomorrow night you might also find an old-school Motorola Razr flip phone staring you in the face. This costume is available from VipMascot. There are also costumes for the Android Bugdroid, the Motorola brick cellphones from the cellular industry's early days, and you might even see a payphone walking the streets on Halloween night.

While it might be too late to order these outfits for this Monday, you can go into a costume store in your area today or Monday morning to see if they have a phone costume that you can purchase. Or, if you have a black turtleneck sweater, jeans, round glasses, and sneakers, you can dress up (or dress your kid up) as Steve Jobs.

And if it is too late for this year, perhaps this article has given you some ideas for Halloween 2023 whether you have a child who goes from door-to-door seeking candy, or if you dress up yourself for Halloween parties.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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