Hidden code reveals that emoji reactions are coming to Gmail

Hidden code reveals that emoji reactions are coming to Gmail
A new report says that Google is working on a feature for Gmail that would allow the recipient of an email to respond to it with an emoji reaction. According to The Tape Drive with Steve Moser, code hidden in the iOS Gmail app reveals that an emoji reaction button would be found on the email. Once tapped, the user would see a selection of emoji reactions that he/she could choose from. 

Using an emoji can help someone respond appropriately to an email without having to spend the time and effort to tap out a response. We wouldn't suggest using an emoji to respond to all emails. For example, if your boss sends you an email asking why the department you head was deeply in the red last quarter, you wouldn't send the "laughing with tears" emoji as a response-unless you were looking to get fired. But if you're having an email conversation with a friend, family member, or even a co-worker that isn't serious, you can show a range of emotions and save plenty of time by using an emoji reaction.

Since the code for this feature was hidden in the latest Gmail for iOS update, emoji reactions for Gmail is something that could be pushed out at any time. Currently, you can use emojis to react to email in Microsoft's Outlook by tapping on the smiley face icon found on the top right of the message window. When you tap that button, a bar appears with six emoji that you can choose from. The Tape Drive says that the emoji reactions coming to Gmail will work in a similar fashion.

Emoji reactions have become commonplace on messaging platforms and some email apps (like Outlook) which means that it certainly makes sense for Google to roll out this feature to Gmail users. While it isn't clear whether both iOS and Android Gmail users will get this feature at the same time, the only thing we do know is that the hidden code was spotted in the iOS version of the Gmail app.

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