Zynga acquires game studio November Software to expand its mobile midcore offerings

Zynga acquires game studio November Software to expand its mobile midcore offerings
Looking to expand its business with those mobile gamers that are in between hardcore and casual, game developer Zynga announced the purchase of November Software, the mobile game studio that worked on LucasArts' Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series. The purchase, according to Zynga Vice President of Mobile Justin Cinicolo, was to increase Zynga's position in the mid-core market which falls in between hard-core gamers and casual players. Cincolo said that "Midcore is about games for people like me who used to be hardcore gamers but don't have the time anymore."
The November Software team is currently working on a game called Battlestone, which was originally called Golden Arrow. According to co-founder Szymon Swistun, the game is a "new take" on action combat games made for mobile. November Software built its own cross-platform 3D engine for the game.

So what exactly did Zynga get with this acquisition? Swistun says his company is focused on "delivering high-quality 60 fps capability on mobile, fast workflows, and on-demand content streaming." While the price of the acquisition has not been made public, this could work out to be a good deal for the beleaguered mobile game firm. Zynga started on the road to mid-core gaming with its September purchase of A Bit Lucky, a company focused on online social games.



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1. downphoenix

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im just not a fan of Zynga's business practices, but they apparently do have a talented staff. One thing they need to do is to diversify away from Mobile and start making stuff for console and PC as well. I mean, still do mobile obviously, but just have the other options. Thye also need to stop relying on the free 2 play model, as it is not a sustainable model if virtually every game your company releases are F2P. F2P should reflect no more than 25% of their total library. They need to start putting out cheap games that are just one time purchases or have limited microtransactions. That would be one way they can develop some cred in the gaming world.

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