With the aid of Android, HTC jumps into the top 10 list of handset manufacturers

With the aid of Android, HTC jumps into the top 10 list of handset manufacturers
Sometimes you've got to root for the small guys, especially when they start out as a relatively small player and eventually develop to a powerhouse that's able to muster up a following with their line of devices. For a period of time, the name HTC was hidden amongst the other names placed over their creations as they were commissioned to build devices for other manufacturers. However, the tide has changed now that we see the Taiwan based company become a prominent figure in the mobile industry thanks to their talented, ingenious, and dedicated staff.

HTC reached yet another milestone recently by making an appearance in the top ten list of the biggest cell phone makers. They're actually ranked in eighth place thanks to the 139.1 percent increase in shipments they've seen versus the same time period last year. One of the major contributors to their appearance in eighth place has to be the strong sales received from their line of Android devices, and when you look at what they've unleashed in the past year, there is no arguing their quick ascent to prominence. However, their humble beginnings started off with a handful of Windows Mobile devices that reached a boiling point in the US when all four major carriers offered a variant of the HTC Touch Pro2.

When you look at their recent Android offerings, it perfectly showcases how Android has become such a huge part of their success – especially when they've created fantastic devices like the Nexus One, Legend, Desire, Droid Incredible, and the EVO 4G. Even though they are seeing some heavy competition from a variety of rivals, such as Motorola's DROID devices and Samsung's line of Galaxy S smartphones, there is no denying that they'll still be able to combat them without worrying too much. Looking forward to the future, we can still expect to see strong development of Android smartphones from them, but we'll hopefully see what they have in store with Windows Phone 7.

source: Gartner via Intomobile


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