What do Apple iWatch fans want to see on the rumored device?

What do Apple iWatch fans want to see on the rumored device?
A survey conducted by online shopping site BuyVia found that 26% would be interested in buying an Apple iWatch. This is the rumored smartwatch that is allegedly being designed by 100 Apple engineers in Cupertino. According to the survey, 38% are not interested in the device at all and 36% are unsure about their interest. Interestingly, most of the features that potential buyers of the watch want are features already on the Apple iPhone. BuyVia CEO and co-founder Norman Fong says that most of those surveyed want the iWatch to have the same features as the Apple iPhone. He says that consumers are only interested in a watch that does everything that a smartphone does such as offer Wi-Fi connectivity, a mapping application and GPS capabilities. The watch is rumored to have a 1.5 inch LCD screen with support for Bluetooth, and could connect to the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

The survey also asked consumers about a cheaper version of the Apple iPhone. 39% of the respondents said that they would be interested in such a device while 33% would not buy one. 28% of those surveyed were not sure if they would buy one or not. Of the 39% who are interested in the low price iPhone, 46% of them said that the price would have to be under $100 with a new two-year contract for them to be interested in buying it. 38% say that they would buy a cheap version of the Apple iPhone if it cost under $200 on-contract. That is the usual subsidized price for a new handset with a two-year contract.

31% of potential buyers for a lower-priced Apple iPhone said that they would be willing to sacrifice Siri in order to pay less for an iPhone. Next to go would be the aluminum back which could be replaced by a cheaper material like plastic. There are three untouchables that Apple iPhone users say they would not give up for a lower price. One is battery life, followed by storage capacity and the 8MP camera with panorama.


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