Watch the OG iPhone go against the iPhone 7 in SquareTrade's 'Decade of Damage' breakability study

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After previewing for us the breakability of Samsung's Galaxy S8 with its suite of standardized tests, the warranty providers from SquareTrade are at it again, and this time they have the iPhone line in their scope. Their "Decade of Damage" study not only visualizes how the OG iPhone fares in drop and dunk tests when compared to the iPhone 7, but also spills some beans on iPhone breaks and repair trivia.

You can have a look at the durability tests in the video above (spoiler alert: they both break), but the more interesting scoops are in the barrage of stats that SquareTrade gives in its "Decade of Damage" study and the resulting infographics. Did you know, for instance, that iPhone owners have spent $14 billion on repairs since the the line's inception in 2007? Or that you are six times more likely to damage your iPhone than to have it lost or stolen?

Despite that most people have cases or screen protectors on their iPhones, still almost half of them have managed to crack their screens at some point during the device's ownership. About 68% reported they did it while multitasking and juggling several things at a time, while 40% reported that the damage was done at home, and by barely a three feet drop at that. At the same time, the more active you are, the more likely it is that you broke your iPhone, with skydivers taking the lead.

That is easy to deduce even without a survey, though, but the next tidbit is not - it turns our that taller people are more careful about dropping their handsets. Yes, folks with a six foot frame and above are 32% less likely to break their iPhones than those that are 5' 4" or shorter. SquareTrade's survey also found out that people who have cracked their screens once, have done it one more time on average, which explains those $14 billion doled out for iPhone repairs so far. Oh, well, with 44% of current iPhone owners reporting that they are likely to buy the next edition, that number is only poised to grow further. 

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Finally, a word to the wise - 57% of folks who reported that they are using social media for more than four hours a day, have had their phones damaged at some point in the past 12 months, so take that into account when crossing the street while prettying up your Instagram's sunset collection.

source: SquareTrade

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