Video captures Apple iPhone 6 Plus exploding inside an Australian repair store

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A couple bringing their Apple iPhone 6 Plus into a phone repair store in Queensland Australia because of a cracked screen and battery life problems, escaped harm after the handset exploded just minutes after they entered the repair store. Watching the video, we can see the phone owner holding his iPhone 6 Plus in front of the repairman. Suddenly, there is an explosion and a cloud of smoke obscures the handset.

According to the repairman, he had just removed the Otterbox case from the iPhone 6 Plus and was ready to give the device a longer look-see. The owner then picked up the phone and applied what was called "normal" pressure to the screen, and that set off the explosion. The force of the blast removed the screen from the phone. A fire extinguisher was used to stop the handset from smoking.

The repair store evacuated its employees and had to remain shut for the entire day. The incident took place on March 13th, and there is no word about any subsequent action being taken by the phone owner, the repair shop or by Apple.

You can check out video of the incident, captured on the repair store's CCTV camera, by clicking on the video at the top of the story.

source: ViralHog

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