Verizon scrubs the Hub

Verizon scrubs the Hub
The Verizon Hub was supposed to be the telecommunications, uh...hub for your home. With VoIP and internet connectivity, you might consider it to be similar to a base station. In this day and age when a top of the line touchscreen handset could be purchased for $99 (lower in some cases), the Hub's $200 price tag plus $35 a month for service with a 2 year contract, appeared to be pricey for a home phone. Those who bought it also had some complaints about the lack of training that Verizon employees had on the device. And while the carrier might have thought that calling it the Hub would answer questions about the functionality of the phone, Big Red simply did not put a huge amount of money into the machine's marketing budget. The Hub did many of the same things that a Verizon cellphone does, except that it stayed at home. Most people have a device like that now. It's called a home computer. As for those who did purchase the phone, Verizon will continue to honor the terms of the contract that was signed.

Verizon Hub Review

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